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About Us

Hot Fuzz is a laid back guild. We aren't all that strict, since we just like to enjoy the game. We are a group of people who will be friendly and nice to others and fellow members. Some of us may like fighting; Some may like training and hunting; Others may like to sign on to just chat with the community; This is the type of guild we are


The Goals of the Fuzz
We do not have any specific goals. We do, however, want to become a guild that will have (and develop) respectful trainers that will further progress the world of PWO. This means if you have a history of scamming, trolling, hacking, or any other illegal activity, we do not want you in this guild :P . The Fuzz are here to take down the bad of PWO. This does not mean we are looking for mini-mods! Just generally nice people who like to play the game the right way. That's not asking much is it? ;)

We plan on entering guild wars.
We do not mind having fellow members who do not focus on battle, but we are also looking for those who can fight and defend the Fuzz.

Requirements to Join the Fuzz
So you want to join Hot Fuzz?
It's quite simple to join. All you have to do is message one of the Commanders, the Chief or post in forums and we will see if your worthy to join the Fuzz. If we think you are worthy, we will ask you to join or accept your application.

List this info in your Post
1) Your in game name
2) Your main Pokemon team
3) Hours of play
4) Have clean history
5) Anything else you want us to know!

Guild Rules
No Flaming
No Scamming
No Cheating or illegal methods of advantage
No Trolling
Be Helpful if one is in need of help.
Most Importantly!!
Be Nice!
Have Fun!


Click here to Join!

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